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Publisher Services


Header Bidding Implementation

Header bidding is now a must on publisher websites. The AdOps Agency will setup prebid on your site with premium demand partners for a flat fee. Own your setup and your revenue. Call us for a quote.

Ad Server Implementation

The set up of a publisher’s ad server is the most important part of monetizing a site. By using a scalable hierarchy with common sense naming conventions we can set up any site (big or small) for success. 

Site Monetization

There are several ways to help increase revenue on your site(s). This requires a full understanding of your network and the platforms/partners that are available and how they should be implemented within your infrastructure. In addition, knowing which ad networks to use is crucial. We have managed and monetized sites ranging in size from 1 million impressions per month to 1 billion impressions per month. We can implement and increase site wide revenue in AdX, AdSense, and AdSense for Video, header bidding and more!

Trafficking & Campaign Management

When it comes to trafficking and campaign management it’s all about the details. We are perfectionist and that’s what it takes to set up and optimize campaigns ensuring full delivery, optimizing for CTR/CPC/ CPA and monitoring for any issues (e.g. over delivery, discrepancies, etc.). 

Reporting & Analytics

Reports have the ability to tell a publisher everything. Whether it's running ad hoc reports, scheduling reports and analyzing reports not only from the publisher’s ad server but also from the advertiser’s server as well as Google Analytics we've got you covered. Through these reports the publisher should be able to tell how their campaigns are doing, whether they are set up correctly and how well their site is being monetized. Baselines can be established and then a network strategy can be created driven by data.


• DFP Fundamentals for Administrators
• DFP Fundamentals for Traffickers
• DFP Audience Fundamentals
• Google Publisher Tags

Advertiser/Agency Services


Ad Server Implementation

Implementing an advertiser’s ad server can be a challenge. It requires knowledge of the advertiser’s website, the other tools in the advertiser’s ecosystem, conversions points and goals of the business on top of knowing how the ad server itself works. Without proper implementation, output may not make sense and trust in the data can be lost not to mention loss in revenue.


Trafficking hundreds of line items requires precision. We are experts when it comes to tracking platforms and setting up campaigns through the UI as well as spreadsheet trafficking (for speed) in multiple platforms including DFA/DCM (certified), DBM, Turn, MediaMath, AdWords, FBX and more! 

Reporting & Analytics

Reports from the ad server can be used for directional information on campaigns or to diagnose issues. We have years of experience analyzing reports from different sources including ad servers, Adobe Analytics, and Google Analytics. KPIs can be established by analyzing how the campaign is performing along with how the market is responding to the creative. Since we have experience on both the buy and sell side we are able to tell how the campaign is set up in the publisher’s ad server to ensure optimal performance.


Media buying, campaign and platform pixel strategy (retargeting, audience, exclusions), tag management implementation with data layer (Ensighten), Tune/Mobile App Tracking campaign set up, data visualization (Tableau and Data Studio), workflows and processes and much more!


• DoubleClick Campaign Manager